Plages de Pornichet

The beaches of Pornichet

7 km of happiness!

If you love the fine sand, in Pornichet you are served! In the choice, 3 beaches for all the wishes and all the ages, ideal to bathe, bask in the sun or devote yourself to numerous activities (volleyball, skimboard).

Feel peckish? The restaurants of beach welcome you at any time, in front of the horizon.

7 km of beach are the favorite destination of families. A real paradise for the children with the clubs of beach and the certified animations OK Kid; from 2 and a half years old!

To note: the famous beach of the Libraires is the only level 4 beach welcoming handicapped persons in Loire-Atlantique.
To know more about the accessibility of the beach of the Libraires.

The beach of the Libraires - Pornichet

The beach of the Libraires

Its 2 km of golden sand and its low slope make the favorite beach of families. Directed the South/West with a panorama in 180° on the Atlantic Ocean, from the marina to the tip of Penchâteau, it is also with its 6 channels the starting point of maritime adventures. Lining the beach, a long promenade is favourable to the morning joggings, to the strolls in pushchair and the strolls at sunset.

Services of the beach: club of beach, sailing school, sea kayak, rent of beach huts and tents, rent of mattresses, rescue posts.

The beach of Bonne-Source - Pornichet

The beach of Bonne-Source

It is the vastest beach of Pornichet. During spring tides, it is the hangout of shellfish gatherers. Real haven of peace for the bathing, this beach is also a spot appreciated for the practice of the skimboarding and the bodyboarding.

The beach of Sainte-Marguerite - Pornichet

The beach of Sainte-Marguerite

More discreet and more cut, the family beach of Sainte-Marguerite is lined with villas where the time seems to have stopped. At the end of the 19th century, this district welcomed the first vacationers who discovered the benefits of the sea swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. The rock of Pierre Percée rises up itself in the wide, a bird sanctuary where barnacles, terns, gulls and other species group together (protected island, no landing).
Services of the beach: club of beach, sailing school, sea kayak, rescue posts.

Pornichet makes a commitment for the quality of its beaches

After the spring tides, beaches are profiled to keep a flat slope, a source of safety for all and particularly for the children.
A selective manual cleaning of the not degradable waste is made before every weekend in spring and every day in summer, plus a mechanical cleaning twice a week in summer. You can notice sometimes on beaches sediments abandoned by the sea, it I what we call the foreshore, a blend of natural fragments (seaweeds, shells, floated wood…) which plays an important role in the ecosystem of beaches and in the balance of our coast, assuring preservation of the biodiversity and in the long term the ecological future of the coastal spaces.
Toilets and showers are put into service from Easter.

Shellfish gathering

It can be practiced by all in low tide. It is always necessary to plan to leave at least on hour and a half before the following low tide (consult the hours of tides). To conjugate pleasure of the fishing and the environmental protection, collect only what you consume, and pebbles and rocks must be put them back in place.
The sanitary state of waters and the orders of authorization (or of ban) on shellfish gathering are available in the Tourist office: don’t hesitate to consult them.
Good to know: the basket of fishing Reglo specially calibrated to fish only for the authorized quantities of shells, is for sale in the Tourist office. A good purchase to fish cunning!
To assure the tranquility and the safety of all, the beaches are regulated (zone of bathing, nautical activities, presence of animals, sound system…). To know all these practices, consult the regulation of police on the beaches of Pornichet.