Histoire et Patrimoine de Pornichet

History and Heritage

History and Heritage - Old postcard of Pornichet

History of a small port become the fashionable destination!

Shared between Saint-Nazaire and Escoublac, Pornichet is, in the middle of the XIXth century, a small village of 400 inhabitants living off the harvest of the salt, the fishing and the farming.
The fashion of the sea swimming radically transformed this village. This strange phenomenon consisting in taking brief sea swimming at a determined hour and in taking advantage of the sea air is in the period more considered as a medical cure than leisure. It addresses only a fortunate clientele which can reach the holidays. The aristocrats and the businessmen of Nantes, Angers or still Paris, are thus the first ones to discover the coastline of Pornichet. The arrival of the railroad in 1879 facilitated the arrival of new vacationers. The local population quickly increases. With about 1 200 inhabitants, Pornichet becomes a municipality on April 9th, 1900.

History and Heritage - Old postcard of Pornichet

Holidays for all!

In the 1930s, the democratization of the tourism allows the opening of the first campsite. Then in the 1960s, the thalassotherapy develops.
The development of the nautical park entails the creation of a port in open sea coming to completing the port of grounding in 1978, allowing Pornichet to become the most important marina of the department.
In the years 1990-2000, news arrangements come to complete the infrastructures of the town with the strong growth of the population: covered market, multimedia library, cultural area…

To discover the charms of the villas and their secrets, the diversity of flowers and plants of the coast, the history of every district… the Tourist office of Pornichet and the municipal department of the Green Spaces propose you visits commented from April till September (all year long on reservation for groups).

To know everything about villas, a guide “Rêves de villas” presenting the history and the architecture of 70 villas and symbolic buildings of Pornichet is for sale for 5 € in the Tourist office.
A route will take you through the various districts of Pornichet and will tell you the history and the architecture of its “beauties” which make the landscape of Pornichet.

Museum of Pornichet of bygone days

Go to the Museum of Pornichet of bygone days for a free visit and discover former jobs which practiced the inhabitants of Pornichet in a time no so distant from ours. Go back in time thanks to objects and former postcards, models and movies redrawing the history of the town.
Free admission
Opened in May-June and September-October: Thursday from 3:00 pm till 6:30 pm.
Opened in July-August: Tuesdays and Fridays from 3:00 pm till 6:30 pm.
Exceptional opening during the Heritage Days from 10:00 am till 12:00 am and from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
Visits of groups on reservation.